The company KRBG provides organisation of sea shipping of full containers (FCL) and less-than-car loads (LCL) around the world in
marine containers of different types.
Successful operations of the company in this domain are based on direct pay contracts with the biggest marine agencies of the world
and the staff eperience in the field of multi-module international and local freights.

The scope of services:
• Freight of whole of group package containers
• Freight of sea vehicles for transportation of big parties of goods
• Consolidation of LCL loads in ports of origin
• Sea shipping rates calculation
• Beneficial cargo insurance tariffs
• Arrangement of customs formalities and all necessary way bills and documentation
• Agenting
• Invitation of independant inspection of ship surveyors on demand
• Provision of full and timely information about the date of a container loading and arrival, location on demand both in transit ports, and along the whole route of freight