Air freight

The company KRBG renders the full set of logistics services in forwarding and transportation of freight by air by developing optimal
routes and schemes of delivery. Air freight is performed by regular and charter air flights.
Tried and tested longterm contract agreements with the leading air companies and airport services offer the stable high quality of
service regardless of freight destination, weight and volume.

The scope of services:
• Door-to-door air freight from a supplier to a cargo receiver
• Assistance in arrangement of customs formalities at the airport
• Air freight fron/ to any airport of the world
• Air freight forwarding
• Organisation of air deliveries via charter flights
• Cargo insurance for air freight shipments

Railway freight

The company KRBG offers a wide scope of services in international freight forwarding by railway, such as:
• Consulting in organisation of railway freight
• Calculation of tariffs for railway freight
• Calculation of layouts and schemes of cargo placement and securing in a carriage, control of cargo loading and securing
• Arrangement of railway bills and full set of freight transportation documentation
• Transportation of outsized, heavy, dangerous, specific cargoes
• Rail car tracking along the whole delivery route and timely notifying customers of cargo location
• Cargo insurance

Road transportation services

International road transportation is the most demanded way of delivery for different groups of goods, as this way of transportation allows to load the cargo right at the port of origin and to deliver it directly to the port of destination.

The scope of services:
• The "Door to door" service, letting reduce the costs of road transport organisation
• Professional consultations for customers in all issues related to cargo freight
• Up-to-date rate calculation and provision of all necessary information about optional routes and specifics of road transportation
• Regular information update about changes of road transportation conditions in transit countries and their customs throughput capacity that lets develop the most efficient route

The company cooperates with Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, Belorussian, Polish, German and other transport operators that adds to quality and timely delivery of cargoes by any route.

Taking into account cargo specifics we will provide the appropriate kind of transport:
• Tented vehicles of different type
• Refrigerators
• Isotherms
• Container platforms
• ADR freight vehicle
• Special machinery and vehicles for heavy and outsized cargoes

Consolidated deliveries

The company KRBG offers delivery of group and compact cargoes from China, South Eastern Asia, Northern and Southern America, as well as from any point of Europe.
Any, even a little volume of cargo can be delivered door-to-door as a part of a consolidated delivery that evidently makes the delivery
much more beneficial for a customer.
The company KRBG organises a cargo consolidation with additional freights at its transit warehouses in Europe and Baltic states,
and will prepare it for further transportation.
The company's experts will offer a cost-effective solution providing minimal terms of delivery.
The flexible system of consolidated and compact cargos delivery rate calculation lets find optimal price solutions for every customer.

Marine transport operations

The company KRBG provides organisation of sea shipping of full containers (FCL) and less-than-car loads (LCL) around the world in
marine containers of different types.
Successful operations of the company in this domain are based on direct pay contracts with the biggest marine agencies of the world
and the staff eperience in the field of multi-module international and local freights.

The scope of services:
• Freight of whole of group package containers
• Freight of sea vehicles for transportation of big parties of goods
• Consolidation of LCL loads in ports of origin
• Sea shipping rates calculation
• Beneficial cargo insurance tariffs
• Arrangement of customs formalities and all necessary way bills and documentation
• Agenting
• Invitation of independant inspection of ship surveyors on demand
• Provision of full and timely information about the date of a container loading and arrival, location on demand both in transit ports, and along the whole route of freight

Customs formalities

Arrangement of customs formalities is a complicated part of works that may have a deal of nuances and specific details. The complex approach to problem solving and wide experience in customs arrangement benefits the company KRBG with problem-free import and export of different cargoes.

The scope of services:
• Filling-in of customes declarations
• Arrangement of customs and way bills at a round-the-clock customs terminal
• Arrangement of transit insurance certificates
• Relase of goods into the stream of commerce both for Latvian companies, and for residents of other EU countries
• Customer support at LR customs authorities
• Provision of customs inspection
• Preliminary information about goods being delivered to the territory of the customs union

Services of customs brokers:
• Preliminary calculation of import customs duties for Russia
• Consulting in the issues of customs formalities according to the RF legislation
• PARS (customs clearance) on RF territory

Warehouse services

The company KRBG offers safe storage of cargoes in guarded round-the-clock closed warehouses under comfort and safe conditions
with use of computed accounting of admission, movement and balance of freight goods in storage.
The warehouse territory infrastructure provides easy approach both for light and for heavy load transport vehicles.

The scope of services:
• Storage based on constant contracts
• EU goods storage
• Customs storage for goods from developing countries
• Loading – loading-off wroks
• Consolidation and grouping of goods on demand
• Sorting, packaging, formation of cargo consignments, weighing and repackaging by a customer's instruction
• Accumulation, sorting and batching of mixed consignment
• Marking
• Goods quality inspection during loading-off/ loading with assistance of independant survey agents
• Execution of damage and discrepancy reports added with photos